A key component of the New York State Ending the Epidemic Initiative is to facilitate access to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). New data on the ETE dashboard show trends in PrEP use and HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) use based on prescription data from the NYS Medicaid program.  These interactive visualizations allow users to filter the results by age, sex, region, race/ethnicity, and Medicaid program type.

  • PrEP highlights: The number of persons who filled at least one PrEP prescription continues to climb. From July to December 2016, N = 3,489 Medicaid recipients filled a PrEP prescription, which represents a 20% increase in the number of persons who filled prescriptions from the prior 6 months (January to June, 2016). Demographic differences exist with more men (versus women) and persons aged 25-49 (versus all other age ranges) filling prescriptions.
  • PEP highlights: From July to December 2016, 933 Medicaid recipients filled PEP prescriptions. PEP prescriptions were most commonly filled among persons aged 25-49.
  • These early data indicate that PEP use may have peaked among Medicaid recipients and is on the decline, which could be due to increased uptake and better targeting of PrEP.

View and interact with the latest data on PrEP and PEP among New Yorkers in the Medicaid program.

PrEP use among Medicaid recipients


PEP use by age group