As we enter into year two of the ETE Dashboard system, we reflect on the achievements of the previous year and look forward to many exciting updates and new content coming soon.  The ETE Dashboard is a tool created out of the ETE Blueprint’s recommendation to “extend and enhance the use of data to track and report on the ETE Initiative’s progress”.  ete2016blog2In our work to establish a platform to measure, track and disseminate information on progress towards achieving the End of the AIDS Epidemic in New York State, we have designed the Dashboard as a tool that integrates previously siloed data across various realms and data sources, accessible to all ETE stakeholders.

Since we launched the ETE Dashboard in September 2015, we’ve seen an increase in users and engagement, with the site being accessed from 60+ countries around the globe (see map).  We use social media routinely to disseminate new information quickly and widely and to expand our audience.

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Our interactive visualizations of HIV testing rates in NYC going back to 2005 and PrEP use among Medicaid beneficiaries allow users to focus in on specific neighborhood trends and key sub populations of interest.  These interactive modules have led to increased usage and engagement with the Dashboard and has shown that there is great potential for this work to lead to new insights and questions and ultimately improve our research, advocacy, and programmatic efforts to end the epidemic.  We are currently preparing to launch our next release of interactive content, which will feature dynamic HIV care cascades for both the newly diagnosed and for all persons living with HIV.

As we strive to overcome the ever present challenges in presenting timely, comprehensive, and neighborhood/sub-county level data from all HIV related data realms (prevention, new infections, testing, quality of care and treatment, deaths, etc.), the ETE Dashboard team values your feedback as key stakeholders in this statewide initiative.  Please visit our feedback page and leave us a comment!

The ETE Dashboard Team