HIV/AIDS-Associated Hospitalizations
New York State

HIV/AIDS-associated hospitalizations declined 48% between 2010-2022 (from 11,137 to 5,745)

Number of hospitalizations
Number of hospitalizations
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  • Data Source: New York Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System (SPARCS)
  • Number of hospitalizations includes multiple hospitalizations for patients during each calendar year.
  • Data from NYS HIV Surveillance System as of March 2022 were used to calculate the rate of HIV/AIDS-associated hospitalizations among people living with diagnosed HIV (PLWDH).
  • Data from American Community Survey from the United States Census Bureau as of July 2023 were used to calculate the rate of HIV/AIDS-associated hospitalizations among the total population.
  • Interpret race/ethnicity data with caution. Hospital administrative data are used to generate SPARCS data (hospitalizations), which has documented limitations due to race/ethnicity misclassification of Hispanic and Asian/Pacific Islander persons (Howland and Tsao, 2019).
  • Hospitalization rates among PLWDH use HIV surveillance data to determine population denominators. In 2020, NYS Surveillance implemented a new race/ethnicity classification methodology to reduce misclassification, with notable decreases in the percentage of individuals classified as Multi-Race or Hispanic (i.e. increased hospitalization rates among Hispanic/Latino PLWDH and decreased rates among other groups, e.g. Black and White PLWDH).
  • Due to limitations of the data source, the Other race/ethnicity category includes Asian/Pacific Islander, Multi-racial, Native American, and all other race/ethnicity groups. Hospitalization rates among “Other” race/ethnicity are not displayed due to the methodology changes noted above.
  • HIV/AIDS-associated hospitalizations: defined as the total number of inpatient hospitalizations among people with a Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) associated with HIV-infections. Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) associated with HIV-infections include: 890 - HIV with Multiple Major HIV-related conditions, 892 - HIV with Major HIV-related condition, 893 - HIV with Multiple Significant HIV-related conditions, 894 - HIV with one Significant HIV-related condition or without a significant related condition, and any other DRG under Major Diagnostic Category (MDC) 24, which is based on a principal diagnosis of an HIV infection, or a principal diagnosis of an HIV related complication combined with a secondary diagnosis of an HIV infection (e.g. principal diagnosis of pneumocystosis and a secondary diagnosis of an HIV infection).

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