Jun 032016

Using HIV Care Cascades to Follow Short-term Health Outcomes Among Persons with Newly Diagnosed HIV Infection

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Timely linkage to care of persons newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and consistent […]

May 252016

Evidence of HIV Care Following STD Clinic Visits by Out-of-Care HIV-Positive Persons

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New York City’s publicly funded sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinics provide a […]

Apr 292016

Expanded HIV Testing Coverage is Associated with Decreases in Late HIV Diagnoses

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Late HIV diagnosis (an HIV diagnosis that does not occur until the […]

Apr 202016

HIV Testing is the Foundation for Prevention and Care

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HIV testing is a key component […]

Feb 092016

90–90–90: An Ambitious Treatment Target to Help End the AIDS Epidemic

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In October of 2014, UNAIDS released 90-90-90 –An Ambitious Treatment Target to Help End the AIDS Epidemic, which outlined a three-pronged global strategy to help end the worldwide AIDS epidemic by 2030.

How close is New York to reaching the UNAIDS global targets?