NYS Quality Corner: Organizational HIV Treatment Cascades

The facility-based or Organizational HIV Treatment Cascade was developed by the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute as part of the HIV Quality of Care Program to integrate a public health approach with quality improvement initiatives at health care facilities.To facilitate a broader approach to monitoring the appropriateness of care provided to a population receiving services within a healthcare organization, the Organizational Treatment Cascade starts by including all people living with HIV who have received any service at that organization during the year.

As part of the AIDS Institute Quality of Care Program’s annual quality of care review, organizations submitted cascades for the 2016 calendar year for established and newly diagnosed patients, accompanied by a detailed description of the methodology used to obtain data to construct their cascades, and an improvement plan for addressing gaps in care identified in their cascade.

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Select the images below to view some of 2016’s top submissions.

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

Cascade and Methodology-Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

Middletown Community Health Center

Cascade and Methodology-Middletown Community Health Center

Morris Heights

Cascade and Methodology-Morris Heights

New York Presbyterian

Cascade and Methodology-New York Presbyterian

SUNY Upstate

Cascade and Methodology-SUNY Upstate


Cascade and Methodology-Trillium