1,700 estimated new HIV infections in NYS (2019)
1,200 estimated new HIV infections in NYC (2019)
Incidence estimates are calculated using a CDC method, which was revised in 2017 and updated again in 2019. Source: Song R, et al., 2017.
Data for this metric are produced using a CDC method and associated program that were introduced in 2017. Source: Song R, et al., 2017.


  • Until 2017, the method used to estimate HIV incidence used a Serologic Testing Algorithm for Recent HIV Seroconversion (STARHS) method to estimate incidence. Starting with 2017 estimates, the CDC released a new incidence estimate method based on a CD4 depletion model (CD4 methodology). The 2017 change and the 2019 updates result in estimates that are on average 32% and 10% higher respectively, than the STARHS method used at the time ETE was planned.
  • View incidence data compared to annual ETE targets on the ETE Metrics page.