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  • Data reported to the HIV Epidemiology and Field Services Program by March 31, 2020. Data reflect 12-month periods from January 1 – December 31
  • Geographic residence refers to residence at HIV diagnosis.
  • All data shown are for people ages 13 and older. “Age” refers to age at HIV diagnosis.
  • Data collection regarding current gender identity for PLWH is conducted on an ongoing basis. Surveillance may have collected new information regarding a person’s current gender identity between the time of their HIV diagnosis and publication of these data; those identified as transgender at any time are included as transgender.
  • The Other race/ethnicity category includes Native American and multiracial people.
  • Borough-wide and citywide totals may include cases assigned to a borough with unknown UHF or assigned to NYC with an unknown borough, respectively. Therefore, UHF totals may not sum to borough totals and borough totals may not sum to citywide totals.
  • *Rates expressed per 100,000, from Census 2010 population.