Oct 232015

Ending the HIV Epidemic Globally

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Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) revised their HIV treatment guidelines and made two new key recommendations: 1. Every person infected with HIV should be given antiretroviral treatment (ART). 2. Pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP is recommended as a preventative measure to all persons at substantial risk of acquiring HIV.

Oct 162015

Monitoring Outcomes: Median CD4 Count at Diagnosis

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HIV is not being diagnosed early enough in New York
The CD4 cell […]

Oct 092015

Perinatal Infections Eliminated in New York State

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We have added new content to the Prevention section of the Dashboard […]

Oct 022015

Major Updates to New York State’s HIV Care Cascades

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The ETE Dashboard includes the recently updated statewide and regional New York State HIV Care Cascades for 2013, which show that 87% of New Yorkers living with HIV infection have been diagnosed and 55% achieved the important clinical and public health milestone of HIV viral load suppression.