Dec 042015

ETE Dashboard Recognized on World AIDS Day

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To mark World AIDS Day 2015, Governor Cuomo spoke at the Apollo […]

Nov 122015

ETE Implementation Strategies Submissions

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Hello Ending the Epidemic (ETE) Stakeholder:

In June 2014, Governor Cuomo announced a […]

Nov 032015

New Research on PrEP and PEP in New York City

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For New York State to reach its goal of bringing down the number of annual new HIV infections to the ETE Initiative’s goal of 750 by 2020, Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) will play a critical role.

Oct 232015

Ending the HIV Epidemic Globally

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Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) revised their HIV treatment guidelines and made two new key recommendations: 1. Every person infected with HIV should be given antiretroviral treatment (ART). 2. Pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP is recommended as a preventative measure to all persons at substantial risk of acquiring HIV.

Oct 162015

Monitoring Outcomes: Median CD4 Count at Diagnosis

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HIV is not being diagnosed early enough in New York
The CD4 cell […]

Oct 092015

Perinatal Infections Eliminated in New York State

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We have added new content to the Prevention section of the Dashboard […]

Oct 022015

Major Updates to New York State’s HIV Care Cascades

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The ETE Dashboard includes the recently updated statewide and regional New York State HIV Care Cascades for 2013, which show that 87% of New Yorkers living with HIV infection have been diagnosed and 55% achieved the important clinical and public health milestone of HIV viral load suppression.

Sep 252015

ETE Dashboard Friday Blog

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This post is in follow-up to the earlier announcement this week launching the ETE Dashboard. With the new Dashboard, New Yorkers can visibly track the progress being made towards ending the AIDS epidemic by 2020, as we display the latest information about New York State’s HIV epidemic, including information on HIV prevention, HIV incidence, testing, new diagnoses and linkage, prevalence and care, AIDS diagnoses, and deaths.

Sep 212015

Ending the Epidemic Dashboard Launch!

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We are pleased to announce the launch of New York State¹s Ending the Epidemic (ETE) Dashboard system, a public facing website to broadly disseminate information on the progress of New York’s groundbreaking initiative to end the HIV epidemic!